WWE and the ruin of Gallagher?

nintchdbpict000285321404Like many people, I was excited with the debut of Jack Gallagher in the WWE.

Watching that first match I could not help but be reminded of the UK wrestling great Les Kellett, who was able to inject just the right amount of comedy into his matches to make them funny and entertaining but meaningful at the same time.

Then the WWE creative team got hold of him.

What it seems we have now is a stereotypical “Englishman” (as imagined by someone who has never been to the UK) but added “bonus” of the WWE creative and their own “humour” which as we well know from the past can be a very hit or miss affair, the later seemingly the most popular.

Jack Gallagher has one heck of a good reputation from his work outside the WWE, having been both the FSW and GSW champion to name just two of his achievements, but just like we saw Terry Funk changed into Chainsaw Charlie (and the numerous other victims of WWE creative) we now have Gallagher as some sort of Mary Poppins character, complete with umbrella that is even used to “parachute” onto his opponents outside of the ring.

But who is responsible for this?  We can look at the writers for their unfunny jokes, silly gimmicks and reputation destroying angles, or we can ask “Who is giving these ideas (and I use that word loosely) the thumbs up?”

Tea parties, umbrella’s and pointy moustaches – its all there on show and even Neville was allowed to cut a promo highlighting how ridiculous the whole gimmick is.  When you make an angle/gimmick out of how bad another wrestlers gimmick/angle is, something is wrong, surely?

Les Kellett.  Click the image for footage!

In the meantime we can still look to wrestlers like Tyler Bate to see British stars performing with professionalism and not being treated like a sideshow.  I wonder how long that will last?

As for Gallagher, here’s what I think the plan is.  Gallagher will beat Neville at Fastlane which will lead to Neville moving on and challenging for the UK championship.

Had the WWE taken lessons from Kellett footage and let Gallagher take more of that persona, I think we would have had a much bigger star.

What we have now in Gallagher is a decent wrestler and performer, trapped in an angle so silly its enough to sour the cream on your scones and make your tea go tepid.


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